Celebrating Myriam Joerger: A Journey of Dedication with IMS

Myriam Joerger’s remarkable tenure at IMS spans two decades. In a recent interview, she shares insights into her profound connection with IMS, and the trajectory of her career. Join us as we explore the essence of Myriam’s enduring dedication to IMS. 

A Memorable Beginning at IMS  

“My first day at IMS holds a special place in my memory,” reminisces Myriam. “When we moved to Chicago for my husband Mathieu’s job, I sought part-time employment in accounting. Antoine offered me a position in May 2003, temporarily replacing a colleague on maternity leave. I distinctly recall accompanying Antoine on a business trip to Detroit, where I performed my first bank reconciliation. It was during that trip that I got to know my new boss, who would later become a dear friend to our family.” 

Evolving Roles and Continuous Growth 

Myriam’s journey within IMS is a unique one, marked by continuous growth and adaptation. “I never really had a defined job at IMS,” she explains. “When I started, we had only a few clients who needed assistance with their bookkeeping. As the company expanded and our client portfolio grew, my responsibilities evolved accordingly. I initially assisted Antoine with closings, gradually took on additional tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll, and eventually became a client manager. With guidance from Antoine, I grew alongside the company and many of our clients. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of mentoring numerous new employees who joined our team.” 

IMS: More than a Workplace  

Today, Myriam’s role primarily revolves around supervising and managing a dedicated clientele. “Some of these clients have been with me for a very long time,” she shares. “My daily goal is to ensure all the work is completed and that our clients are satisfied.” 

More than a workplace, IMS and Antoine have become integral parts of Myriam’s life. “Except for a one-year break I took in 2016 when my second child, Charlie, was born, I have been with IMS ever since,” she affirms. 

There is one story that exemplifies how deeply intertwined Myriam’s life has become with IMS. “Everyone who knows me is aware of my fondness for conversations, especially with fellow French expatriates in the US,” Myriam explains. “On one occasion, while riding the CTA Blue Line train back from a client meeting, I noticed a person with a French flag on their luggage. I strike up a conversation and discover that they are attending a trade show at McCormick Place and in need of an accountant. Without hesitation, I share information about IMS, driven purely by a desire to be helpful. Shortly after, they became one of our clients!” 

A Lifelong Commitment  

Reflecting on the changes at IMS over the years, Myriam emphasizes the company’s remarkable growth. “When we started in 2003, there were only three of us,” she notes. “Now, I cannot even count the number of people on the IMS team. It must be thirty or more, spread across the US and the world.”  

“For me, IMS is more than just a job; it is an important part of my life,” Myriam concludes. “I cannot envision working anywhere else.” 

The IMS team extends their heartfelt congratulations to Myriam for her exceptional contributions throughout the years.


By Leentje De Leeuw

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