Make It in America by Matthew Lee Sawyer

IMS President, Antoine Guillaud, was interviewed by Matthew Lee Sawyer for his book ‘Make it In America’, a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs entering the U.S. market. The book was just released world-wide and is definitely a must-read for international business leaders, entrepreneurs, expats, and foreign business students with aspirations focused on conquering the American business landscape.

About the author

Matthew Lee Sawyer is an American business and marketing strategist, consultant, and educator. He is the Managing Director of Rocket Market Development LLC which helps companies identify opportunities and gain traction in the U.S. markets. He is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and teaches graduate courses in business and marketing strategy at NYU. Matthew is also an advisor to The Global Chamber and a mentor at several business accelerators for entrepreneurs.

About the book

‘Make It in America: How International Companies and Entrepreneurs Can Successfully Enter and Scale in U.S. Markets’ offers invaluable insights, tools, and practical advice for business owners seeking to expand into -or start a business in- the United States. You’ll find a wide range of relevant topics, including finance, marketing, legal and tax compliance, intellectual property protection, and visa and immigration navigation.

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