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The Next Normal: A Littler Insight on Returning to Work – Handling Concerns about Hesitant or “High-Risk” Employees

Reintroducing employees back into the workplace will require employers to juggle multiple logistical, emotional, and legal concerns. Because COVID-19 will impact employment for the foreseeable future, it is anticipated many employees will be reluctant to return, even after states have approved reopening plans.

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The Next Normal: A Littler Insight on Returning to Work – Some Lessons from Asia

Asia provides an opportunity for western-based employers to anticipate where they might be in six weeks to two months and what they might anticipate as they prepare to manage their employees’ to return to the workplace.

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Is the Future U.S. Workplace a Work Share Program?

Through workshare programs, employees are able to earn wages and unemployment benefits (including the $600 weekly federal payout through the CARES Act). Employers traditionally used these programs to reduce hours in lieu of a layoff.

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Illinois Stay-at-Home Order Modified and Extended – What Do Employers Need To Know Before May 1, 2020?

On April 23, 2020, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that Illinois’ Stay-at-Home Order will be extended through the end of May 2020, with certain changes effective May 1, 2020.

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Set Up and Manage Your US Subsidiary

Expand your European business to the United States with an independent, bicultural partner. International Solutions’ two operating companies solve the expansion needs of corporations and entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience and practical knowledge.

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International Management Solutions provides accounting, tax, HR, and consulting services

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International Attest Solutions is a CPA firm that provides attest, audit, and transaction services

International Management Solutions, Inc. (IMS) is an accounting, tax and consulting firm dedicated to assisting European companies in establishing their businesses in the United States. IMS has offices in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Tucson, Richmond, Bordeaux, and Brussels. Our clients are located throughout the United States. IMS is not a CPA firm.

International Attest Solutions, LLC is an independent audit firm (CPA) focused on attest services. IMS and IAS work in close cooperation to service the needs of clients.

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