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27 février @ 15:00 - 18:30

Upper Clash: Channel Mastery

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IMS is proud to sponsor this upper clash event. Please join us to learn how fashion, beauty and luxury brand leaders are navigating the myriad of marketing and distribution channels. Gain new insights to inform your strategy.

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3.00pm – Arrivals

Enjoy sandwiches, light bites and hot drinks while networking with your peers.

3.30pm – Welcome from the chair

Leon Bailey-Green will be joined by his partners to deliver a short overview of the challenges brands face in making strategic channel choices.

3.45pm – Q&A with Claire Burrows, Founder of Air & Grace

This Q&A will explore the marketing and distribution strategies that have helped Air & Grace navigate the retail landscape.

4.00pm – Discussion: Marketing Channels

This group discussion will see leaders share up-to-date perspectives on the ever-changing realm of marketing. Find out which channels other brands are focusing their budget and time resources on, and discover the rationale behind those choices.

Learn about opportunities to feature your brand on multi-store gift cards* and explore a service that places your product in the hands of nano influencers, enhancing your exposure in unique and effective ways.

4.45pm – Coffee Break

A brief interlude featuring coffee and pastries.

5.00pm – Discussion: Distribution Channels

In this segment, gain insights into the approaches of brand leaders navigating the distribution landscape, encompassing direct-to-consumer models, marketplaces, retail partnerships and more. Shape your strategy by understanding how others are balancing their sources of sales.

Additionally, delve into the potential benefits and economics of the rental channel, and discover a new outlet for beauty and wellness product that would otherwise end up in landfill.

5.45pm – Networking

Continue the discussion with retail leaders over drinks and canapés.

6.30pm – Close


About Upper Clash

Upper Clash hosts discussions between consumer brand founders and marketing leaders. Their events have welcomed directors from fashion, beauty, luxury, digital and direct-to-consumer businesses. Their in-person gatherings are a mix of networking and discussion. They also host online sessions for retail and brand leaders to share ideas and hear from experts. They’ve covered topics such as e-commerce customer retention, marketplaces, offline advertising and podcast marketing. Attendee numbers for our in-person events are kept to 25-30 people. They are supported by sponsors who provide services to retailers and brands.


27 février
15:00 - 18:30
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London, UK
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